Notice:  All Math Materials will have the New TEKS for this fall!!

Choose from our Comprehensive STAAR Teacher and Student Workbooks, or just the Reporting Categories your student's are struggling with...

We offer complete coverage of all Readiness Standards, Supporting Standards and TEKS covered on the new Texas STAAR assessment exams.  Using our comprehensive approach to learning, our Texas STAAR tutorials will guide teachers through all the assessed curriculum while giving students a complete view of what to expect on the STAAR exam.

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No Other Program Offers as Comprehensive Coverage as Our
Texas STAAR Preparatory Materials!!

Student Workbooks
Our STAAR student workbooks are designed to prepare your students for all the Reporting Category and TEKS content to be assessed on the STAAR exam. 

Each workbook comes with practice exams, critical thinking exercises and additional tools students need to prepare for STAAR success.  Click on a subject below to learn more...

Teacher Manuals
Each Teacher Edition comes complete with all the lesson plans you need covering all Reporting Categories and TEKS assessed on the STAAR exam. 

The Teacher Edition is completely aligned with the Student Workbooks and includes all the necessary lesson slide pages incorporated in each lesson plan.  Click on a subject below to learn more...

Classroom Bundles
Our classroom bundles come with 20 Student Editions and a FREE Teacher Edition. 

However, we know that not all classroom sizes are equal.  If your particular needs require more or less than 20 student editions, contact us and we will work to build a bundle that is right for your situation.

Click on a subject below to learn more...

Reporting Category Kits
Let's face it, sometimes students struggle with only a portion of the assessed curriculum.  Our Texas STAAR Preparatory Materials have you covered!!

Our Category-Specific Kits break the Student Workbooks and Teacher Editions into only those Categories you need!!  No need to purchase the full program if you only need a portion of it.  Click on a subject below to learn more...

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