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STAAR Math Practice Classroom Bundles Teacher and Student Book Combo

This power-packed program includes number concepts, algebraic concepts, measurement concepts, probability and statistics, problem-solving, and core skills. The program also teaches solution strategies, analysis skills for problem-solving, and the use of mathematical evaluation of rational solutions.

Our STAAR Math Student Workbooks cover all the Reporting Categories assessed on the Texas STAAR Exam.  Each Workbook contains:
  • Practice tests for ALL ASSESSED TEKS
  • Logic and Manipulative exercises to reinforce each lesson
  • All the TEA Approved Math Charts for the grade chosen
Teacher Manuals include fully scripted lesson plans and lesson slides, answer keys, lesson plan checklist and more helpful charts and information for delivering this power-packed program.

Each Standard Bundle Includes:
  • 20 Student Books
  • 1 Teacher Manual
  • Fully Scripted Lesson Plans
  • Lesson Slides
  • Answer Key
If you need a custom number of Student Books, contact us and we will give you a quote for the number of student/teacher editions you need.

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