Notice:  All Math Materials will have the New TEKS for this fall. Any orders placed now will be received by the end of September at the latest.

Our Comprehensive, TEKS-Aligned Program covers all Readiness and Supporting Standards

The core of our program consists of Teacher and Student editions (in print and in an iPad app) that cover all the TEKS eligible for assessment on the STAAR exam. In short, our teacher editions contain fully scripted lesson plans and lesson slides for each TEKS, leading to the student edition where practice questions and exercises are completed. 

Our products are available in classroom kits (our best value) or as stand-alone student and teacher editions. To choose what is best for your situation, read the descriptions below or call us (210.481.1324) to help you with your selections

Classroom Kits:
Our classroom kits includes both Student Editions and Teacher Editions.  Our standard kit contains 20 student books and a FREE teacher manual.  If you need a different quantity of student books,call (210.481.1324) or email us and we will work with you to get the best pricing available for your situation.

Each Teacher edition comes with fully scripted lesson plans, lesson slides, complete listing of all eligible TEKS, TEA-approved charts, lesson plan check lists and more.

Each Student edition comes with hundreds of practice questions and exercises for each TEKS, TEA-approved charts and and individual student profile page to monitor performance for each TEKS.

Student Editions
Our STAAR student workbooks are designed to prepare your students for all the TEKS eligible for assessment on the STAAR exam.  Each book comes with practice questions, critical thinking exercises and additional tools students need to prepare for STAAR success.  Choose Math or Reading to learn more.

No Other Program Offers as Comprehensive Coverage as Our
Texas STAAR Preparatory Materials!!

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