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Notice:  All Math Materials will have the New TEKS for this fall!!

Teachers:  Your Complete Source for STAAR Student and Teacher Preparatory Materials!!

We have reviewed the TEA released STAAR exams, and we are proud to say that our STAAR Preparatory Materials are right on target!!

We offer complete coverage of all TEKS eligible for assessment on the Texas STAAR exams.  We have written our materials specifically for Texas.  Unlike other publishers, we do not attempt to fit common core standards into the Texas TEKS. 

Our Texas STAAR preparatory materials will guide teachers through all the assessed curriculum while giving students hundreds of STAAR practice questions and exercises to complete.  We can also build mock STAAR practice tests for your students to take before and after utilizing our preparatory program.
Unique features of all our materials include:
  • Teacher scripted lesson plans
  • Lesson Slide pages to help deliver clear lessons your students will understand
  • Comprehensive coverage of each Reporting Category
  • Practice tests for each Reporting Category AND each Readiness and Supporting Standard
  • Full coverage of all Readiness and Supporting Standards
  • Complete review and testing of Underlying Processes (Math Tutorials)
  • Supplemental exercises (included within each lesson) to reinforce all tested TEKS
And now all of our Student and Teacher Editions are available in a FREE iTunes App as well as in print. 

Parents: Check out our Parent-led Student Workbooks for Math and Reading with Answer Key included. Click here

No Other Program Offers as Comprehensive Coverage as Our
Texas STAAR Preparatory Materials!!

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